Weekend Heller: Wood Conducts Electricity

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Neenah Papers and the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum are offering another in a series of woodblock prints by Jim Moran. Only 100 of these electrifying prints are available. They’re produced with the historic Jersey Cream woodblocks, cut by Hamilton Manufacturing between 1888 and ­1891—over 120 years ago.

Jersey Cream is the 12th edition printed for The Beauty of Letterpress series. The $100 per print goes to support the Museum.




And another electric wood type idea is P22 Blox, a collaboration between Richard Kegler of P22 Analog in Aurora-on-Cayuga, NY, and Jennifer Farrell of Starshaped Press in Chicago. P22 Analog is an offshoot of P22 Type Foundry, a digital type house founded in 1994, and is dedicated specifically to hand-printing and hand-craft along with research related to printing and typographic history. Starshaped Press, founded in 1999, is one of the few design and letterpress studios in the country producing all commercial work and limited-edition prints with metal and wood type. Check out their Kickstarter here.

P22 Blox takes inspiration from Josef Albers’ Kombinationschrift und Schabloneneschrift. The challenge of creating an alphabet from a finite set of parameters is one to delight most printers/designers, including us. It is pared down to only eight shapes on a square base that can be rotated for any number of combinations. Rather than use semi-circles, rectangles and triangles as the basis of the building blocks (as did Albers), the forms are based on Alpha-Blox, which used stems, curves and typographic DNA.


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