5 Package Designs of the Week

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When it comes to the world of packaging, no site covers it more comprehensively than Dieline. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends over at the outlet on a new column: 5 Package Designs of the Week.

Check in every Friday for five of the finest pieces of pack from the week that was.

1. Ghia

“Visually, Ghia’s bottle is a post-modern throwback that oozes sophistication, but in a light-hearted way. Italian amaros usually have beautifully distinctive and storied bottle designs, such as Campari and Montenegro, and Ghia notably follows in those footsteps, much like the brands’ nonalcoholic spirit. The rounded tricorner label is reminiscent of road signs, with exquisite typography work for the wordmark, which is sumptuous and classically chic.”

—Rudy Sanchez

Read more about the design here.

2. Sincere Cider

“Designer Molly Russell was brought on board to help create the branding, visual identity and packaging for Sincere. [Creator Bex] Pezzullo wanted the branding to feel representative of her cider—crisp and refreshing, but also approachable. Sincere gets made using organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, with a flavor profile more in line with traditional ciders, one more balanced and easy-drinking than the overly sweet and higher gravity examples you'll commonly find on the market.”

—Rudy Sanchez

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3. Zipeng Zhu x Eliqs

“We all know Pride is typically celebrated in June, but Pride is to be celebrated all year long. These cans designed by Zipeng Zhu bring a bright, joyful gradient when lined up together.”

—Jessica Deseo

Read more about the design here.

4. Kiss My

“Kiss My is a cheeky take on vermouth that incorporates grassroots elements with a brand full of personality. The kinetic illustrations of leaves and birds are a call to the brand's beginning, while the type-forward logo uses the mirrored letter 's' to add an element of spunk. The various flavors each have a unique hand-drawn illustration that creates an instantly recognizable system.”

—Shawn Binder

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5. Zero

“Studio PriestmanGoode is looking to create a more sustainable packaging method for takeout and delivered meals with a reusable concept that also makes use of eco-friendly materials made from agricultural waste like discarded cocoa bean shells. The project was conceptualized as part of Wallpaper* Re-Made, which connects top designers, makers, architects and engineers to design and create thought-provoking projects that can enrich and endure.

“The takeout system is called Zero and found inspiration in Japanese bento boxes and Indian tiffin, consisting of durable food containers that can be stacked on top of each other, requiring a single lid for multiple dishes.

—Rudy Sanchez

Read more about the design here.