Creative Die Cuts for Unique Folder Designs

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Designers consistently make choices about media and messaging, as it’s an important relationship to consider.

“The medium is the message.”

The mechanism we use to convey a message (such as a piece of paper) will influence how the given message is received. We know that design is all about communication, so it’s critical to consider the tools you use to translate your brand’s intended message and meaning.

In the case of print media, when your design is printed on a common, standard medium, that’s exactly the impression your audience will receive—something common and standard. Predictable.

On the other hand, we’ve curated some creative folder designs to help you reimagine your printed presentation materials and break out of the common brochure or one-sheet.

Creative Folder Designs + Unique Die Cuts

Square Corners Two Pocket Presentation Folder

full-color-two-pocket-presentation-folder; folder designs

A presentation folder that’s been cut into an unexpected shape forces your recipient to take notice and gives the design a unique edge. Thinking outside of the default “9 by 12 rectangle with two pockets” opens up a ton of new possibilities. With that in mind, here are some creative folder die cuts to make your marketing collateral truly eye-catching.

Tri-Fold Folders

Similar to a “triptych” from classical artwork, these folders have three panels instead of two, allowing for more pockets and more space for design elements or written information.

Tri-Panel 3 Curved Pocket Letter Size Presentation Folder

tri-panel-3-curved-pocket-presentation-folder-letter-size; folder designs

Right Tuck Tab Flap 2 Pocket Presentation Folder


2 Pocket Info Flap Presentation Folder


Tri-Panel Center Pocket Presentation Folder


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Expandable Folders

Folders with expandable pockets can hold more documents than usual. This die cut is useful when you have a ton of material to present and want to ensure that it all stays secure.

Conformer Expanding 2 Pocket Letter Size Folder


Conformer Expanding Folder w/ Fold Down Tab


Large Conformer Expanding Matchbook Folder


4 1/2 x 9 1/4 Conformer Expanding Folder


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Reinforced Folders

These folders are reinforced with thicker edges to help prevent tears and dogearing. The reinforced section is essentially “folded in,” allowing you to place design elements on the inside of the folder even with one-sided printing.

Reinforced 1/2″ Backbone 2 Pocket Folder


Reinforced 2 Pocket Presentation Folder


Reinforced 2 Expandable Pocket Folder


5×9 Presentation Folder w/ CD/DVD Holder


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File Folders

With the addition of tabs (on which can you print eye-catching text or logos), these folders are easy to notice even when they’re in a pile of other documents or inside a filing cabinet.

Reinforced 2 Pocket File Tab Folder


2 Pocket Letter Size Tabbed File Folder


Right Pocket Letter Size Tabbed File Folder


Reinforced Regular & Expandable Pocket File Tab Folder


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Photo Folders

Particularly useful for special events, photo folders let you present your recipient with a memento of the occasion that’s framed in a stylish and professional way.

Portrait 5×7 Paper Photo Folders


8×10 Landscape Paper Photo Folders


Landscape 5×7 Paper Photo Folders


2 Picture Paper Photo Folders


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Card Folders

Card folders are just right for holding hotel key cards, gift cards, or other small card-sized materials. The smaller size makes the card easier to display and prevents it from rattling around loose inside the pocket.

Curved Right Pocket Key/Gift Card Holder


5 1/8 x 3 3/8 Gift/Key Card Holder


2 3/4 x 3 3/4 Gift/Key Card Holder


2 1/2 x 4 Economy License/Card Holder


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Even More Unique Folders

Folders with unique shapes don’t always fit into neat, easily definable categories. Here’s an assorted potpourri of folder die cuts that are sure to turn some heads.

Serpentine Cut Right Pocket Presentation Folder


2 Curved Pocket Letter Size Presentation Folder


Portrait or Landscape 1 Pocket Tuck Tab Fold


4×9 2 Pocket Presentation Folder


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Is there a type of folder die cut you really love? Want to show off your own folder die cut designs? Please share your thoughts with us.

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