Type Tuesday: No One Out-Pizzas the Pizza Hut Font

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Pizza Hut has been slinging pies since 1958, and in their 62-year history they’ve changed logos a handful of times. The humble beginnings of the simple red wordmark and character gave way to the familiar “hut” hat version in 1967, becoming the longest-standing logo in the company’s history; it was retired in 1999, before making a comeback in 2019 after cycling through a variety of alternatives.

In addition to that iconic red “hut,” the logo features the gorgeous lettering that is the focus of the mark. For decades the type lived in those seven letters alone, offering only the glyphs needed for the words “Pizza Hut.” That is, until custom letterer and font designer Simon Walker, with help from GSD&M, completed his recent project for the plutocrats of pie.

The new Pizza Hut Font is a bespoke typeface with 237 glyphs, including headlines and ligatures for titles. The typeface combines modern crisp lines with vintage-feeling tails and swashes. With its tight kerning and iconic lowercase z, Pizza Hut Font is a dreamy (and nostalgic) wonderland.