The Art of Typography: 11 Brilliant Typographic Design Projects

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“Typography is an art. Good typography is Art.” – Paul Rand

Typography is a cornerstone of great design. That’s why, two years ago, we launched our first-ever Typography & Lettering Awards, a competition that recognized excellence in typographic design work, hand lettering projects, and custom typeface designs.

If you plan to enter before the extended deadline on December 2, 2016—or if you’re just a typographic design lover like us—we have some brilliant inspiration for you. The following typographic projects were winners in last year’s Regional Design Annual, and all of them demonstrate Paul Rand’s sentiment above:

11 Award-Winning Typographic Design Projects

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art Identity


Pentagram; Paula Scher (creative director/art director/designer), Courtney Gooch, Lingxiao Tan, Ludwig Janoff, Rory Simms (designers); Philadelphia Museum of Art (client)

2. BrainDead Brewing Branding


The Matchbox Studio Inc., Dallas; Liz Burnett, Jeff Breazeale (creative directors), Mark Travis (art director/designer/illustrator), Zach Hale (art director/ designer), Mitchell Ditto (writer); BrainDead Brewing (client)

3. Brothers Marketplace


Marquis, Boston; Martin Sorger (creative director), Julie Vail (art director), Taylor Luffman (designer); Roche Bros. (client)

4. Facebook Design Lecture Series Posters


Facebook Analog Research Lab, Menlo Park, CA; Josh Higgins, Maria Giudice (creative directors), Tim Belonax, Jez Burrows (art directors/designers), Jeffery Cross (photographer); Facebook (client)

5. Haus Candles


Stitch Design Co., Charleston, SC; Amy Pastre (creative director/art director/designer), Courtney Rowson (creative director/art director), Brittany Zuerlein (designer); Nina Freudenberger (client)

6. Diversity + Inclusion Progress Report


Hallmark Creative Marketing Studio, Kansas City, MO: Pat Piper (creative director), Eric Jones (art director), Nate Lewis (designer), Ken Sheldon (illustrator), Jake Johnson (photographer), Daphne Best (writer); Hallmark (client)

7. Transmitter Brewing


Jeff Rogers; Jeff Rogers (creative director/art director/designer); Transmitter Brewing (client)

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8. The Public Theater 2014–2015 Season Campaign Identity


Pentagram; Paula Scher (creative director/art director/designer), Kirstin Huber (designer); The Public Theater (client)

9. Notes From A Kitchen Volume Three


Tatroux LLC, Austin, TX; Jeff Scott (creative director/art director/designer/photographer/ writer), Kara Myrick (designer); Tatroux LLC (client)

10. Roberts New Art & Craft


Karnes Poster Company, Philadelphia; Eric Karnes (creative director/art director/designer); Meg J. Roberts (client)

11. Max Spector 15 Years at CDA


Chen Design Associates, San Francisco; Joshua C. Chen (creative director/art director), Ryan Bosse (designer); Chen Design Associates (client)

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