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Meet Typography & Lettering Judge: Veronika Burian

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“Endurance, passion, flexibility and networking skills.” These are Veronika Burian’s keys to successful typeface design.

In 2006 Burian launched the independent type foundry TypeTogether with business partner José Scaglione. Ten years later, she generously agreed to bring her knowledge to PRINT’s Typography & Lettering Awards as judge of the Typeface Design category.

Born in Prague, Burian spent time moving around and studying industrial design. “[I] never felt quite at home with it,” she shares. “During my time in Milan, my work shifted increasingly towards graphic design and almost by accident I discovered type design.” Currently Burian is based in Spain and Germany as a type designer and business owner.

“A good friend and typophile introduced me to Fontlab and the basics of drawing letters.” From there she got hooked and decided to peruse an MA in type design and has been working with type since 2002.

What makes Burian most excited about the work she does? “The freedom it gives me, the constant challenges, combination of aesthetics and functionality and the welcoming type community,” she says.

Currently Burian and her team are developing a new website for TypeTogether. “We are very excited about that. As far as typefaces go, we have three new families in the making, [including] a large sans for UI and information design, a wood-type inspired family and a disconnected script style.”

Burian, who describes her style as “pairing of sensitiveness with functionality and giving it a twist,” is looking for quality from Type & Lettering entrants. She wants to see a “strong concept behind the design” and “technical proficiency.”

Need more inspiration? Check out some of Burian’s favorite works below. And don’t forget to enter the PRINT Typography & Lettering awards by October 14th to hit the early bird deadline.

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