4 Brilliant Student Typographic Designs

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Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards, judged by Dana Tanamachi and Dr. Shelley Gruendler, celebrated typographic designs, typeface designs, and handlettering—also had student sections. Here are four of our favorite typographic designs from among them (click for higher res!).

Yes_Katerina, Kochkina

Katerina Kochkina wanted more than anything to study type and media in college. After five long years of hard work, she had saved up enough money and decided it was time to send her application to KABK. “Yes_Katerina, Kochkina” is a tribute to the day in 2014 when she received her acceptance letter with the word “YES.” “I knew that this moment and this letter would never fade away,” she recalls.


Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK)/Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands; www.kabk.nl: Katerina Kochkina (designer), Just Van Rossum (advising instructor)


On Storytelling: A Journey From the Memory to the Senses

“This project is a series of recorded short stories translated from the memory of the designer’s grandmother as visual interpretations. These stories and folktales come from our heritage and have been orally carried on from generation to generation. They carry information from different perspectives, such as cultural, anthropological, social, historical, political and so forth. With a rather modern and personal take on storytelling, the publication aims at bringing the narrator’s voice as close as possible to the audience, along with opening up those stories to reveal the different multiple layers, messages, emotions and wisdom behind each. It finally aims at taking the readers on a journey from the memory of the storyteller to their senses.”


American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon; www.aub.edu.lb: Ranim Al Halaky (art director, designer, illustrator), 3ind Riad Prinshop (printer), Kristyan Sarkis (type foundry), Reza Abedini (advising instructor)


Out of Print

“This project uses images, type, sound, and motion to create dynamic, interactive environments. Methods of visual communication are changing. To push the boundaries of graphic design, I considered the many ways people can interact with visual information. My project invites the audience into a multidimensional space. I used Leap motion, a popular and simple sensor, to allow people to see, listen, and play with graphic design.

“Out of Print contains three parts: an interactive poster installation, still frames from the interactive process, and an instructional video trailer that documents the entire project. These three parts tell a similar story across different media, building a connection between traditional graphic design practice and interaction design.”


Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore; www.mica.edu: Wenjie Lu (designer), Ellen Lupton (advising instructor)


Roman Republic

“[Roman Republic is a] newspaper on Shakespeare’s first play, ‘Titus Andronicus.’ This work received a reputation for being Shakespeare’s most overwhelming and violent play. ‘Titus Andronicus’ is a revenge tragedy, in which the hero pursues malicious vengeance and ultimately dies when he succeeds.”


Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MA; www.mica.edu: Elaine Lin (designer); Isaac Gertman (advising instructor)


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