Outerwear Brand Margot92 Boasts Packaging That’s as Luxurious as Their Clothes

Posted inPackaging Design

It’s easy to recall receiving a gift, but do you ever remember what it looked like before you opened it? Since packaging often focuses primarily on the item inside a container, this can lead to boxes, tags, and tissue paper that feel a bit one-note.

But sometimes, the full experience of opening a box feels so thought out that the box itself becomes just as important as what’s inside of it. This is immediately observable in Stefanie Brückler‘s sturdy, eye-catching packaging for sustainable outerwear company Margot92. In the design, timeless white tags, boxes, and wrapping paper are enhanced with a bold, black swoosh monogram. These elegantly constructed boxes also feature removable magnetic closure, as well as instructions on how to recycle them. But why get rid of something that looks so good? Brückler most successfully emphasizes Margot92’s slow-fashion mission by making the kind of box you’d genuinely want to use again.