Elegant Vernacular: Meet the Award-Winning Typeface for Vogue Brasil

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When Vogue Brasil tasked Studio DRAMA with creating a new typeface for the magazine’s 2022 redesign, the London-based design studio was inspired by how many vernacular references the client included on the mood board— rich with storymaking material.

Vogue Brasil mood board for redesigned typeface

The concept came together with influences from typography painted on walls across São Paulo and other cities and iconic Brazilian publications such as Klaxon and Arlequim Magazine. Yet capturing the elegance of the Vogue brand was also vital, and the idea was to embody Brazilian heritage and the Vogue aesthetic, which the design team calls “elegant vernacular.”

Vogue Brasil new typeface treatment

The result was a custom typeface pair: Vogue Brasil Sans and Serif. Instead of relying on weight to distinguish different uses and applications, Studio DRAMA’s unique approach created serif and sans versions to work independently or together.

Vogue Brasil Serif and Vogue Brasil Sans - Harmonious Contrast

It was important that both styles had their own personality but could also be used in tandem and still feel part of the same family, we use the term ‘cousins rather than sisters’ here at the studio which we feel describes them perfectly.

Will Richardson, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Studio DRAMA

Many Portuguese letterforms use diacritics to change their pronunciation or meaning— the acute accent (É or Ó), the tilde (Ñ), and the cedilla (Ç) are examples. The Studio DRAMA team designed agility into the typefaces for diacritic application, giving Vogue Brasil’s creative team versatility and flair.

Vogue Brasil Serif and Sans won a Graphite Pencil at this year’s D&AD Awards.

Vogue Brasil diacritics - Studio DRAMA
Vogue Brasil Sans & Serif Winner - D&AD Graphite Pencil