Creative Freedom and Luxury Come Together in One Brilliant(e) Typeface

Posted inType Tuesday

Brilliante is a versatile new typeface with personality, perfect for designers who demand creative freedom. A two-axis design opens up the possibilities for projects with moods ranging from meticulous to flamboyant. Across the collection of 15 styles, Brilliante’s curves add refinement and grace, while sharp, short serifs deliver an edge.

Brilliante came to life through designers Jérémie Hornus, Solenn Bordeau, and Jolana Sýkorová of Black[Foundry], an award-winning Parisian type design studio known for its “type + tech” approach. The studio describes Brilliante as a fashion-forward typeface inspired by material luxuries. If you’re looking for high-contrast display text, opulent title treatments, balanced body copy, and some distinctive grit, Brilliante is the next typeface you need in your arsenal.