Make Fonts, Not War with the ’70s-Inspired Freitag Typeface

Posted inType Tuesday

Nostalgic typefaces have a particular way of fusing optimism into a design. You can find a great example in Zeta Fonts’ Freitag typeface, inspired by the tree-hugging, peace-centric era of the ’70s. The resulting font’s magnificently plump letterforms are bursting with positive virtues, and while the bubbly, energetic letterforms inspire thoughts of the past, their calligraphic influence and rich geometric shapes give Freitag a modern feel.

The typeface features a heavy sans serif with flared stems and reversed contrast, meaning each letter is wide where we’re used to seeing it on the thinner side. To help offset the extreme difference in the XL weight, the contrast of punctuation is lowered, forming a rich texture whenever marks are used within a tet block.

This typeface is ideal for designs that are upbeat and rich in character, like music-inspired poster designs, ice cream packaging, or even upbeat social media graphics.