Modular Type System Anchors A New Identity for Nown, Maker of Architectural Products

Posted inType Tuesday

Nown, an Amsterdam-based maker of award-winning, carbon-neutral architectural products, built a business out of experimenting with space and form. So, when Nown commissioned Brand Brothers to design its brand identity, the company asked the Parisian branding studio to develop a visual story centered around elevation, precision, and obsession with beauty.

Brand Brother’s new graphic system is anchored by a bespoke typeface and inspired by the intersection of design and engineering. The Nown typeface features clean edges and repetitive angles that meet at precise points. This modular type system begs for experimentation — join the components in a composition or deconstruct them for more abstraction. An extensive color palette adds yet another layer to the scalability of this striking new identity.

Lead designer: Johan Debit