There’s Nothing ‘Arrogant’ About This Sunny, Psychedelic Typeface

Posted inType Tuesday

Graphic designer Carmen Nácher‘s typeface Arrogant embraces the psychedelic, organic, swirling nature that recent design has gravitated toward. The font is bold and effervescent, distorting letters to create curly forms that feel intrinsically human and unprocessed. In a world where sans-serif typefaces have been the mainstream aesthetic for years, embracing natural shapes adds space for a welcome design refresh. 

This typeface is striking, and when paired with bold color combinations and dreamy branding, the expressive design possibility is limitless. Arrogant is ideal for better-for-you food and beverage brands, music-related design, or personal brands. Contrary to its name, Arrogant is a typeface that feels wholly approachable. 

Arrogant is a display, single-case typeface that stands out for its expressivity and rounded shapes. The Arrogant family compiles three weights (regular, light and bold) and a variable font, so that it can perform well in several sizes and applications. The typeface contains 310 Glyphs including letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols and ligatures, and supports 93 languages.​​​​​​​