This “Weird Serif” Dissects Classic Didone Style Type

Posted inType Tuesday

A Didones typeface is indicated by disproportionate weight contrast between thicks and thins, vertical stress, and serifs. This class of typeface was popularized in the late 18th century through the 19th century, and continues to find its way into modern designs.

Alex Slobzheninov of Pangram Pangram Foundry designed the typeface Weird Serif as a modern take on the Didone style typeface. Within each letter’s individual designs, the surprising contrasts, engaging details, and dramatic angles, the typeface becomes weird in the best possible way. Yet, despite being titled as “weird,” the font is still highly legible, proving that drama and personality can still be accessible in the type world.

Weird Serif is a freaky take on the fancy Didone typefaces commonly used in the fashion industry. The solemnity of that genre is jazzed up with weird hanging down serifs (see V, W, K and so on). The typeface also features a dramatic contrast and extra large x-height. Despite the name, the usability and legibility are not disrupted with too much wackiness.