Totally is a Font That Takes Inspiration from Superhero Magazines of the ’50s

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Totally by Typeverything is a pop art-inspired typeface created with hand painting techniques that give it a humanistic feeling. This DIY approach results in a font that values imperfections and quirks while maintaining legibility.

While Totally is infused with a slight nostalgia, the ’50s influence doesn’t overwhelm the design. There’s a contemporary aesthetic reminiscent of Futura’s geometric sans-serif elements, but with added eccentricities that jazz up the terminals and eyes.  

This typeface is ideal for giving projects a burst of personality that remains accessible. Totally comes in nine weights ranging from thin to totally heavy, allowing for an expansive scope of design possibilities.

Totally is a new typeface inspired by book covers and superhero magazines of the 50s. This was designed using hand painting techniques, keeping all the asymmetric angles to give it a more friendly and human feel. It’s great for display projects such as packaging, posters and branding. It is available for Desktop or Web in 9 weights with the variable file included in the full family pack.