Type Tuesday: Roboto Serif is Google’s Latest Commission, Designed With Comfortable Reading In Mind

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Roboto was introduced in 2011 by Google as Android’s updated system font. Recently, though, Google publicized that the typeface has a unique variation dubbed “Roboto Serif.” They developed the new typeface to make reading in any format, size, and width a more comfortable experience altogether. 

The new variable is minimal, described by Google as having a “whisper of a serif,” and is highly functional on any platform in digital media, including print media. The typeface comes in 100-900 weights, with three width sizes and a grade between -50 and 100. Therefore, it’s clear that Roboto Serif is a highly dynamic typeface. 

While Google did commission the design, The Google Fonts website credits Commercial Type and Greg Gazdowicz as Roboto Serif’s designers. If you’re interested in the typeface, it’s available for download on Google Fonts and is authorized under the Open Font License.