Type Tuesday: Rotonto Thinks Outside The Box

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They say not to be a square, and Italian designer Marcello Raffo was absolutely thinking outside the box when coming up with the typeface, Rotonto. It's a font that's minimal, playful, and carefree all in one. It also feels like a chameleon, and I could picture it used for a wide range of designs. Imagine this on a hotdog chain take-out bag or on an airport terminal map. Can you picture it on the packaging for your daily vitamins?

Easy to envision, right? It's universal, funky, and loaded with personality.

Rotonto is a variable typeface that underlines the contrast between the rigid, square-shaped counters of the letters and the round-shaped outline. The proportion and the general construction follow the peculiarities of a grotesque typeface that it gives the opportunity to be used in different contexts and situations.

Project Credits

Marcello Raffo

Supernulla Creative Studio

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