Type Tuesday: The Slack Font Will Add a Lighthearted Touch to Any Design

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Its name might make you think of dry office instant messaging systems, but Wisnu Cipto‘s Slack typeface is much more playful than that. This font follows the lead from magical and ethereal design styles to lean into carefree bliss. There’s a sense of calm that comes from the curvature of the letters and the compelling shapes of the ink traps.

The thoughtful mix of animated aesthetic references creates a typeface ideal for youthful, carefree designs. Think logos, poster designs, apparel, stickers, headlines— the potential for play is endless.

Slack 01 is a quirky, upbeat and uplifting modern sans serif look, perfect for headlines. And it’s perfect for posters, Instagram, magazines, printing, branding, logos, and anything else you can imagine. Another amazing thing is that you deserve a very cool free vector illustration pack. It’s something to be proud of when you have it.

Project Credits
Wisnu Cipto