Type Tuesday: Take A Hike With Mat Voyce

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UK-based graphic and motion designer, Mat Voyce, specializes in 2D animation but is mainly known for experimenting with kinetic typography, infusing letterforms with character, creating animated GIFs, stickers, and short films for clients globally. Recently, the Los Angeles Times commissioned him to make a full-page type-based cover and selection of editorial drop caps to mark the launch of their new L.A. Hiking Guide.

The staggering stretch of each consecutive letter growing to different heights was inspired by the act of hiking up a hill or a mountain. The kinetic font is captivating, with the drop cap colors ranging from green to turquoise and purple. The type's movement is highly playful and approachable in combination with the chunky typeface.

This font will most definitely inspire even the most indoors-y people to get out there and take a hike.

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