Type Tuesday: Ulalong Is The Elegant Font You’ve Been Searching For

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Ulalong is a typeface that takes inspiration from calligraphy.

Although calligraphy is often used in almost vintage and classic style designs, it would be interesting to see this font used in more modern and contemporary ways. Each letter of this font balances the thick and thin strokes to create an ornate and dainty form. I'm here to argue that calligraphy will never go out of style, and seeing something typically hand-drawn paired with graphical designs can be stunning and perfectly unexpected.

High-contrast and calligraphic, Ulalong is a typeface that takes its name from the way

the early Visayans are said to begin their year—by spinning fibers for weaving by hand—thereby marking the first month in the pre-colonial calendar of the Visayas.​​​​​​​​ Ulalong's thicks and thins observe how single strands of thread are slowly formed into sheets of fine cloth, delicate and elegant.

After the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, the use of local words is said to have eventually faded and been replaced by the transcriptions of Spanish terms Filipinos now use today. Through this type specimen, let's cherish these long-forgotten gems of our language's past.

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