What’s “Evil Serif”? Blacker Mono Visually Defines It

Posted inType Tuesday

There’s an intentionally irregular, unpredictable rhythm to Blacker Mono, a typeface Francesco Canovaro, with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, designed for OFFF Tlv‘s editorial project and visual design festival “A beautiful mistake.” While this font takes a conservative, practical approach to detail within each letter, it also features an erratic design splash and subtle, unexpected calligraphic curves. As a result, the typeface is ideal for editorial use, where readability is more important than overall aesthetic. If technology could be considered “rugged,” this typeface personifies that.

Blacker mono was developed out of a brief by Isabella Ahmadzadeh by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro for the editorial project “A beautiful mistake” by OFFF Tlv in 2022. It is a monospaced version of our typeface Blacker, bringing its “evil serif” aesthetics in the realm of typewriter and coding typefaces.

In designing these, usually the letterforms are deformed to better fill the space, but in Blacker Mono only the serifs are modified to balance letters, while letter skeletons are kept consistent with the ones of the original Blacker family. This gives the typeface an uneven, unexpected rhythm, underlined by the unusual choice of providing three optical sizes and some extreme display weights – both uncommon choices in monospaced fonts.

The resulting typefamily is thought for use in editorial situations where readability must be married by a strong personality, and is complemented by all the wide array of Open Type features that are present in all Blacker variants, from positional numerals to small case letters and alternates.