Last Call! Typography & Lettering Awards (+15 Type Resources)

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Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards, judged by Paul Shaw and Jessica Hische, closes December 1. Don’t miss out on a chance to be featured in Print magazine, to receive coverage in our newsletter, to be featured in an exclusive gallery, to win a prize pack from and a subscription to Print, and more.

And if you’ve missed our typography and lettering coverage over the past couple months, we’ve rounded up some highlights here.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Typography Terms 101: Everything You Need to Know

Barbs, beaks, brackets, bowls: Baffled by typography terms? You’re not alone. Here, we break down the field’s most essential definitions.


Best Book Covers: Penguin Drop Caps

Jessica Hische’s collaboration with Penguin is a lovely nod to the printed word—and an unusual and intriguing twist to a personal project that got its start online.

Provided by Paul Buckley

Handlettering Gymnastics

These five handlettering artists are forging new ground in the lettering category using a variety of materials and techniques to achieve stunning results.

photo 12

A Review of The Field Guide to Typography

Paul Shaw, noted letter designer and design historian, reviews the latest addition to his bookshelf: The Field Guide to Typography.

Example of Rockwell spotted.

The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving

Here we take a closer look at 14 brilliant letterpress and engraving designs from Neenah’s ongoing series.


Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me The Typeface

The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum has a new iPad game in the works—”Hamilton Type Match.”


Jason Santa Maria, On Web Typography

In his newly released book, On Web Typography, design icon Jason Santa Maria takes a deep dive into the the technical constraints that plague us and keep us kerning (and yearning). Here, James Pannafino gets up close with Santa Maria on his book, his approach to web typography and his big industry influences.


Jessica Hische on Jessica Hische

In honor of her delectable dropcap for Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way, Print invited Jessica Hische to take the Proust Questionnaire.


Typography Inspiration: Creating Energetic Type

Looking for typography inspiration and tips? Jim Krause shows you how to create energetic type in this excerpt from his Type Idea Index.


11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers

A Print, we love lettering and typography, and we have some great resources for anyone interested in learning more about these design skills.


Take a Typographical Tour with James Victore

James Victore takes us on a “typographical tour” of Brooklyn and Queens, critiquing everyday type and signage with his signature wit.


What The Old Guard Said About The New Typography

Steven Heller shares a 1926 article from The Inland Printer—arguably the first time the New Typography was discussed, no less seen, in the United States.

inland printer001

Type Lessons: 1 Hour Typeface Experiment

Even seasoned designers can get into a rut. Professor, designer and author Denise Bosler shares how to challenge yourself today with a type lesson from her upcoming course.

Alphabet by Nicholas Davies.

< h2>The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion

A resurgence is happening in the design world. Hand-lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design.


The Culture and Typography of Beer

Beer has been a part of culture for centuries, and today beer and typography have never been more closely linked.