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With the deadline for Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards coming this Friday, we decided to take a look back at our type coverage from the past couple months. Here are some highlights, from profiles of legends of the field to the basics of web typography. Dig in, and don’t forget that there’s still time to enter Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards for a chance to be featured in Print magazine! For more about the competition, click here.

Jayme Odgers: Present and PastSteven Heller talks with the legendary Jayme Odgers about his amazing life, and his amazing work.


More Typography Lessons From the MastersDid the legendary Aaron Burns predict the future of typography back in 1986?


10 Remarkable Shadow Type & Lettering DesignsAs a salute to shadow type, we scoured the Internet for beautiful examples and struck gold.


Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts From the PastHere, we collect an array of type advertisements from the 1950s to the present.


Typography Inspiration from Dr. Shelley GruendlerMeet type guru Dr. Shelley Gruendler, and dig into the beautiful work of her students.


Why Handlettering is Not TypePaul Shaw breaks down the crucial differences between handlettering and typography.


Illustration by Kurt McRobert (www.kurtmcrobert.com)

75 Exclusive Designs for Print’s 75th AnniversaryWe asked 75 top creatives to design one word: “print.” See the full set of the exclusive designs here.


Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the DesignersWhether you notice it or not, Swiss Style is everywhere. From Ernst Keller to Mike Joyce, learn about the design movement that never stops popping up.


What We Talk About When We Talk About TypeFrom Abbott Miller’s TypoGraphics session: Type often has a story to tell—it becomes part of the context, style, strategy, or truth of a client’s message.


Lost Designs: Making Digital Versions of Wood TypeRichard Kegler explores the history and process of digitizing classic wood type.


An Arabic Typography CommunityTarek Atrissi’s design studio Tarek Atrissi Design takes a typographic and cross-cultural approach to all projects, including Arabic typography.


Heaven on Wood at HamiltonDo you know what a wayzgoose is? If you were one of the geese at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum in November, you’d know without asking.


Red TypeSteven Heller saves a pamphlet by Karl Marx (on The Civil War in France) from its way to the garbage dump.


Greta Goes ArabicPeter Bilak of Typotheque has announced the launch of TPTQ Arabic, a new type foundry dedicated to developing original high-quality Arabic typefaces.


Been There, Lubalin’s Done That!Herb Lubalin did not invent the idea of using a type case as a framing device for typographic illustration, but he did do it long before most others.


Brooklyn In Your (Type)FaceType designer Pablo Medina is giving Bushwick an eponymous typeface. Currently engaged in crowdfunding, his reasons dig deep into his own Latino culture.


Digital Wood at 25Steven Heller cracks open Adobe’s 25-year-old digital wood type specimen book.


Subtleties of the UniversRead about Adrian Fruitger’s renowned typeface Univers from this 1961 Print article.


The Essentials of Web TypographyIf you want to improve everyone’s reading experience online, here are a few web typography essentials to keep in mind.


The Post-Postmodern Lettering of Daniel PelavinNot Retro, But Vintage: Steven Heller profiles letterer Daniel Pelavin.


Type in the Nazi StateAs one sees in German type foundry adverts from design magazines after 1933, the graphics professions quickly conformed to the decrees of the Nazi party.


THE LETTERPRESS JOURNALS SERIESThe Letterpress Journals: Guardians of the CraftErin Beckloff shares the story of her film on the survival of letterpress and the printers who preserve the history and knowledge of the craft.


The Letterpress Journals: Setting the HookLearn about the making of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film from filmmaker Andrew P. Quinn.


The Letterpress Journals: Funding and FriendshipsThe Pressing On team hits the road for the first shoot at ChicaGoose, one of the largest annual gatherings of printers.


The Letterpress Journals: TypoholicRick von Holdt’s shop is in the basement of his beautiful 19th-century farmhouse, where high ceilings and solid brick walls form rooms packed with type cabinets and book shelves. It’s common knowledge in the letterpress community that Rick has one of the most drool-worthy collections of wood type; he estimates around 2,000 fonts of handset type.


The Letterpress Journals: Hot Metal JunkieThe team behind Pressing On: The Letterpress Film talks with “hot metal typesetting junkie” Jim Daggs.


Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards: Deadline Friday!Do you design your own typefaces? Are you passionate about type-centric design work? Have you produced an excellent handlettered project? If so, we want to see your work. All too often, typeface designs, typographic designs and handlettering get overlooked in competitions—which is why Print developed a competition that gives the artforms their full due and recognizes the best designers in each category. Enter Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards today.