Type Tuesday Presents the Class of 2022: The Most Interesting Fonts of the Year

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Many lists are written and checked off in December: endless to-do lists, neverending grocery lists, hopeful wishlists (checked twice, obviously), and, most importantly, media outlets’ “Best of Lists” flung in the faces of unassuming readers at the end of every year. And while some lists are more favorable than others, emotion-influenced, superlative style lists sit at the top of my personal list of “top kinds of lists.”

Today, in honor of “best of” lists circling every corner of the internet, I’ve made a list of superlatives for ten of my favorite typefaces from the past year. Some are bold, others are playful, and each stood out and made an impact for one reason or another, proving the importance of diversified design.

Class Clown: ZEZE Typeface

I mean, look at those clever bowls and spines. The wit, the charm, it’s all consuming and forever appreciated.

Most Likely to Compete in the Olympics: Peridot

It’s sporty, approachable, and vaguely patriotic, and its simple legibility is a force to be reckoned with.

Most Likely to Become a TikTok Sensation: Tumb

The Gen Z quirk is alive and well with this one. We’re all about embracing the unusual and clutching a youthful flair.

Most Likely to Own a Farm: Workfolk

Think trustworthy, down to earth, thoughtful, and kind. It’s all about understated comfort and rugged charm.

Most Likely to Be Cast in Euphoria: SLIME

A dramatic trendsetter who knows the best way to stand out from a monotonous crowd.

Most Likely to Run for President: Stencil Typeface For A Cause

This personality behind this font is a changemaker, a doer, a go-getter. This typography used activism to create a thoughtful impact.

Most Likely to Teach at The School of American Ballet: Dantiane

This is a typeface that screams dignity and grace. It’s polished, it’s sophisticated, and it’s filled with theatrical emotion.

Most Likely to Play Music Exclusively on a Record Player: Gunter

This typeface is eclectic, charismatic, and has a resounding ’60s and ’70s influence.

Most Likely to Know All the Local Speakeasies: Lavonia

There’s an understated yet knowing charm to this typeface. A ’20s design influence is deeply ingrained in this font, bringing to mind images of the prohibition era.

Most Likely to Become a Zookeeper: Goat

Naturalistic undertones make this typeface feel organic and raw, yet full of the charisma you’d hope to see in an animal lover.